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Skinny Mini's

You really love horses. You are serious about doing what is best for them and their overall health, their diet being a major concern. So, you would like a guilt-free horse treat, that your horse will love, and it's actually GOOD for them too. 

                                 TA DA!    Skinny Mini's, the Sugar Free Horse Treat.                                                       No Sugar, low carbs, healthy, horses love them - guaranteed,        and they are cheap.  The perfect horse treat!

when you order:

1.  You know these horse treats are made in a small, home based kitchen.  With this, understand it is a normal kitchen, with normal stuff in it.  I have dogs & cats. 

2.   All precautions are taken to keep the kitchen clean, sanitized, orderly. Is it possible a leaf from whatever flowers or herbs are blooming, in a glass vase sitting on the far end of my kitchen counter, may fall into shipping boxes or beet pulp used to make cookies? Absolutely. However, nothing is poisonous! nothing. Its either roses, basil, lemon balm, mint, or honeysuckle.   I have not been licensed or had this product registered with the state.

3.  These treats are baked at 350 degrees for 2 1/2 hours.  If there were any germs, etc. anywhere in the dough or on the cookie baking sheets they are killed. 

   Only 5 ingredients

plain beet pulp, rice, flour, flax,  flavoring

No Corn ~ No Oats ~ No Molasses ~ No Cheap alfalfa meal ~ No Fruits               ~ No Preservatives ~     NO SUGAR ~ No Kidding!

 Analysis performed by:  equi-analytical laboratories  730 Warren Road, Ithaca, NY  14850

 Lab Sample No: 19042110   1 lb. (454 g.)                                      Date Sampled: 03/05/2013    Date Printed:  03/14/2013

Analyzed for:  Idylwood Farm / Lori Williams


Results:  % moisture 9.3  % dry matter 90.7  

Protein  10% (min)    Fat  1% (min)    Fiber 10% (max)

 Natural Horse Treats          vs.   Plain Beet Pulp

WSC (water sol carbs)  12.7%         10.7%

ESC  (Simple Sugars)     9.3%            8.4%

 All treats are shipped loose/bulk, not packaged.

  Sample Pack  approx a pound of cookies, 

 $3.50 + $6.50 shpg = *$9.75  discount
Sample Skinny Minis

 4 lbs.  cookies / skinny mini's
 $14.00 cookies + $12.00 shpg =  $26.00

  6 lbs.  cookies/ skinny mini's 
$21.00 cookies + $12.00 shpg = $33.00

 10 lbs cookies $35.00 + $17.00 shpg = $52.00 

12+lbs. cookies $42.00 cookies + $17.00 shpg = $59.00 

how do you order these wonderful horse treats?  simple.  send me an email, tell me what amount you want, and i will invoice you.  via paypal

 *** I will often print the mailing label for your order within a day of receiving it. That does NOT mean it is shipping on that day. It is simply easier for me to keep track of which orders came in when, so they get shipped out in that order.   

I now offer an 'Auto-Ship' program.  Once  a month, on a Friday, I will invoice you for whatever amount of cookies you would like. This way you never have to remember to order your horses'  treats. And my auto ship people have priority. Their cookies get made and shipped first, over orders coming in via internet.  You pick the amount, 6, 8 , 10 or 12 lbs, skinny mini's or horse cookies, and which Friday of the month, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.  You will set this up just once, and from there on out, I automatically send you an invoice on that Friday for the amount you want.  Easy Peasy.

Shoot me an email if you would like this option.

I use USPS Priority Shipping boxes.  Keeps it the same price for everyone.  That's fair. It actually is the cheapest way to send these cookies, because 'if it fits, it ships' is true.

I use good old, slider type Ziploc bags for the cookies. I think they are the best container, really. Ziplocs are waterproof, easy to open/close, you can just throw them where ever around the barn,and best of all, they are cheap.  I could opt for more decorative boxes or bags, but they are a lot more expensive. Ziplocs work the best. The horses don't care what they come in. It saves on the overall cost.  So, the packaging is 'practical - not pretty'.  They will be added to thesmaller orders of treats only.

My Guarantee -  if your horse does NOT like the cookies, let me know. I will have you give the remainder of the cookies to a horse rescue, and then I will refund your money, minus the shipping cost. 

If you have any questions, etc.  please feel free to email me:  
  If you have emailed me and haven't heard from me in a few days, email me again. Sometimes hotmail doesn't work. sigh.
 also, you can TEXT me.  (540) 533-8535

Thanks for coming by!

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