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Sugar Free Horse Cookies / Treats

I have been making sugar free horse treats for a decade. They are perfect for those horses who have metabolic issues, problems with sugar(s), including molasses, corn syrups, etc. Horses who have Insulin Resistance, which is like type 2 diabetes, Cushings, and other Equine Metabolic problems.  My horse treats are plain beet pulp/rice based,loaded with ground flax, which is good not just for horses, but for everybody, with those great omega fatty acids, a real health benefit. 


The Best Part of Sugar Free Horse Cookies

I have discovered that all horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, minis absolutely LOVE my horse cookies. LOVE them!  and that is why i guarantee them.  If your horse does not like my horse treats, I will refund your money,  (minus the shipping charge).  Another great part about my horse treats is that 1) they are homemade. I make them right here in my kitchen, of my 100 year old farmhouse. I do not make cookies til I get an order, so your horse's treats are literally as fresh as they could possibly be. They are not sitting around in a warehouse, shelved, for who knows how long til they are pulled for shipment. 2)  as far as horse treats go, especially these kind of specialty treats, my treats are cheap, not expensive. Really.  So.... sugar free, fresh, cheap & guaranteed.  Perfect! just the best all around horse treat you can find. And all horses love them. 


NO CORN ~ NO OATS ~ NO SUGAR ~ ................. NO KIDDING! Plain beet pulp, water, rice, flour, flax & flavoring. Protein 10% (min) Fat 1% (min) Fiber 10% (max) net weight - 16 oz./1 lb. I am NOT REGISTERED nor LICENSED, by any state agency. I have NOT been inspected by any state agency. I am simply a very small, home based kitchen making sugar free horse treats for owners who are in need of these kinds of treats. I feed these treats to all of my own horses, so I am very careful when making the treats.

How to get them

Small box of cookies, approximately 1 lb., shipped via priority mail, USPS. 

$ 9.50

Medium box, approx. 6 lbs, with shipping  $33.00

Large box, approx. 12 lbs. with shipping  $59.00

send me  an email, and I will invoice you for the cookies


feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my horse cookies.

Thank you